Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final countdown

We move back to the U.S. on Friday. Friday! By this point, there is not much left to do except pack our suitcases and get our final clearances (this process will be a post all by itself), which leaves plenty of time for daydreaming about the things, some more frivolous than others, that I am most looking forward to having back in my life...

10) Target. I was always fond of you but will never take you for granted again.

9) Customer service (in-store, online, by phone...any form will be an improvement).

8) Online services that work - Amazon.com (with free shipping, oh my!), Netflix, and Pandora.

7) Using street addresses rather than relying on what may or may not be shared knowledge of landmarks to give/get directions.

6) Store-bought bread that isn't stale by the time I get it home.

5) No more conversions in my head (dirhams to dollars; Celsius to Fahrenheit; grams to ounces; UK English to U.S. English; it's tiresome).

4) Tex-Mex, BBQ, and real pizza.

3) Sleeping through the night...without 4 am call to prayer.

View of the mosque outside our bedroom window

2) Being in the same time zone (or within 1 or 2 hours) of the people who matter most to us.

1) Being home for the holidays, and not missing major events in the lives of friends and family. Or minor ones, for that matter.


  1. What a great list (and funny reminder of what we used to miss as well). Believe it or not, after nearly 10 months back home, we still haven't reverted to taking these things for granted. Gerhard

  2. I'm going to miss your blog. Good luck with your move and new setup.

    Great list. I never realized how much I missed big box stores like Wal-Mart till I moved out of the US.

    I miss having my mail delivered to my door....the PO Box thing is such a pain...I never know if I'm actually going to get my package or not.

  3. Great list. All the best with your move back home. How about a list of things you would miss about UAE living? Would you have enough to make a list? LOL

  4. I am so thrilled you are now home in the USA, where you can enjoy all the things you missed to your heart's content! Mom