For your viewing pleasure

This is a collection of pictures we've taken around the UAE of things that have made us pause in amusement, wonder, or frustration, but don't warrant an entire post to themselves. We'll continue adding photos as we spot items of interest (and happen to have our camera ready).

9 July 2011 - You know it's humid when your household objects are sweating.

30 June 2011 - Looks a bit like 1973 (so I've heard) but is actually Abu Dhabi on a holiday weekend!

30 May 2011 - For 125 dirhams you too can own over two-thirds of a custom-made shirt!

18 March 2011 - For aspiring beauties?

26 March 2011 - For aspiring cookware?

5 February 2011

3 February 2011 - While our friends and family back home were dealing with record-setting snow storms, we drove in our first full-blown sand storm. Can't see anything? Neither could we.

31 January 2011 - Can't imagine why Gulf residents struggle with obesity.

15 January 2011 - Another winner from BMW (see Oct 7th pic below). I'm guessing the slogan makes sense in Arabic, but is definitely lost in translation.

7 January 2011 - Guess who's coming to Abu Dhabi??

5 January 2011 - We'd like to congratulate our supermarket on its innovative sustainability campaign. 

23 December 2010 - "your way"

2 December 2010 - Randomly painted on side of building. Good to know.  

11 November 2010 - Anyone else worried this building is about to fall over?

30 October 2010 - Wow.

14 October 2010 - That is a piece of chicken inside a seeded bun. Nice try, Hardee's, but a sombrero does not a fajita make.

 7 October 2010 - Huh?

 6 October 2010 - on the way to work.

19 September 2010 - Hard to see but the sign says "Pastry Parachute Golden" with a picture of a pizza on one end and a chef hovering over a cup of coffee in the midle. The inside doesn't look like it accommodates any of those things. It's all very confusing.

13 May 2010 - I posted this one before, but it deserves a close-up. It's a mousse cake delivered to our hotel room on Sam's birthday weekend at Qasr al Sarab. I ordered it over the phone, and asked for the message to read "Happy Birthday, Sam! Love, your wife." It arrived as "Happy Birthday. Some love your wife."

11 November 2009 - Profound parenting advice from a street sign

15 October 2009 - We'll just let you ponder this one.


  1. I saw the "Butt Sweet House" and for some reason did not find the appetite to go in.

  2. I had so much fun seeing these pics.. because I have seen them all for "real"! There is something I would like to add about The Butt sweet house though; Butt is common surname derived from a tribe in the Kashmir valley so thus the name, it is derived from Bhatta and can also be spelled as Bhutt.
    P.S. It serves the most traditional Pakistani sweets!

  3. Hajra, thanks for that explanation! I've heard many folks chuckle over the name, but you're the first to tell me the reason behind it.

  4. These are hilarious! I'm thinking about moving to the UAE, so it's been good to get a look around. :-)