Thursday, September 17, 2009

The same but different

Today is the one-month anniversary of our arrival in Abu Dhabi. During our time here, we've discovered that while on the surface a store, restaurant, or even internet service might appear to be just as it was back in the states, it is in fact not the same at all. From little differences like all light switches having to be flicked downward to turn the lights on and the fact that voicemail and street addresses are not used, to more substantial ones like maniac drivers (it is routine to see cars turn left, blinkerless, from the far right lane) and internet censorship, we have discovered that while Abu Dhabi might have all of the trappings of a modern American metropolis, I think it's safe to say, "we're not in Kansas any more." This is, of course, obvious. Yet, there are moments when you might be forgiven for thinking you're back in America, whether it's while you're shopping at Gap in the mall, ordering a scoop from Baskin Robbins, or sipping a grande latte from Starbucks (both of these, by the way, are fortuitously located across the street from our apartment building).

Where the yuppie-Bedouins frequent.

PB & Chocolate is just as good as back in the states.

Notice the dusty car--this is, after all, the desert.

Even the Colonel has made it to the Middle East.


  1. Your comments on your photos are hilarious. I was thinking the other day how I said something like you guys are having the time of your life, and experiencing all kinds of things, and then it struck me so funny that I was saying that because millions of people experience what you are and have been every day for their whole lives, and it's just their lives, not some adventure far away. I am not making any sense after all, but in my head I know what I'm talking about. That is usually the way that it is. Anyway, driving there would kill me. Literally!

  2. I just discovered this latest posting. Love the photos and comments. Did you not have pistachio almond in my honor after all? Sounds like you had pb and chocolate! Dad would love that. Good thing I sent you off to Abu Dhabi with the Core Rythyms dance CD's to burn off your BR! Mom

  3. J&B both said that they would love to visit after seeing these pictures! Jolie loves Subway and Brodie loves "Basket Robbins".

  4. the ramadan value meal looks perfect for after a long fast! love it.