Friday, October 16, 2009

A foodie in the UAE: cornbread redux

Last night we went to a potluck at our very international Anglican church, and it had announced a Western theme, so I thought I’d get back on that saddle and rustle up some cornbread. Thanks to my sweet mother in law who sent real cornmeal from the states, and the fact that my oven and I have come to an understanding, I was able to whip it up in no time flat. As an extra touch, I made cute little cornbread muffins in colorful wrappers with a side of honey butter, and proudly set them on the buffet table, feeling quite satisfied with myself for making a comeback. But here’s the kicker-- No one at the potluck seemed to know what they were. While I was going through the food line, I heard a couple different people say in British accents, “look, little cakes!” I told them that they were actually cornbread muffins and was returned with blank stares. Scanning the room during the meal Sam and I noticed that most people who had gotten a muffin had set theirs aside to eat for dessert, and only one person had figured out to spread the honey butter on top. I watched an Indian man peel off his wrapper and bite into it, no doubt expecting it to taste like a cupcake, and then put it down with a confused look on his face. Not quite the triumph I was hoping for, but it gave us a good laugh.


  1. It'll be a little bit more difficult to visit you there then Boston.

    I'm almost completely caught up with your story.


  2. That is such a riot! I can visualize it unfolding.

    So you decided on the Anglican church? Is that the first one you attended? Did you try any others, or just like the first one enough to make a decision?

    I'm eager to hear more about it.

  3. Funny! What were some of the other dishes on the table?

  4. It gave me a good laugh, too. It's a good thing you guys are so laid back! That is a great story.

  5. so much for the u.s. not having culture, right?