Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Gulf to another

So the big news...

Drum roll please....

Sam and I are moving back to the States! Two months from today, actually. Destination? Tallahassee, Florida. Located on the northeast shore of the Gulf of Mexico (about 20 miles inland), Tallahassee is the state capital and home to two major universities, which brings me to the reason we are moving: Sam has been accepted into a doctoral program in Islamic Studies at Florida State University, which has been the long-term plan and is finally happening!

Those of you who knew us before we were bloggers likely know this news already, and (hopefully) view it as a good thing because it means we'll soon be able to tell you our stories in person, and maybe even engage in a two-way conversation (imagine that!). But it seems that the majority of you are people whom we've never met face to face. In the past week alone we've had visits from 23 countries, spanning 5 continents! (Not that we're stalking you; StatCounter just happens to keep this data.) And we have come to know more about our readers because many of you have left comments, sent emails asking for expat or travel advice, or even re-posted our entries on your own blogs.

In a place where I often felt isolated, whether because I had a hard time finding like-minded individuals or because it was simply too hot to venture outdoors, these interactions have helped me feel connected to a larger community. And I have hesitated making this announcement (we've known since January), not because you're going to miss this blog so terribly, but because I'm going to miss you!

But I suppose if we're moving away from Abu Dhabi we can't exactly be "Finding" it anymore, and sooner or later this blog has to end. Even if I start a new one, which I probably will because it's become a way of life for me (Sam can go either way, but I pretty much think in blog now), the content that drew most readers to Finding Abu Dhabi, via Google or other means, is definitely going to change, and that means many will stop being interested. It's to be expected, but kind of hard not to feel sad about, even as I look forward to new possibilities.

For those of you who plan to stick with us until the bittersweet end, we plan to keep posting as long as there are relevant topics, but we foresee things winding down by early fall. And then what? Sam will be busy with school and pursuing his dream, and I will hopefully be starting a new job before too long. But I'll also be looking for something new to write about. Any ideas??


  1. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!! I can hardly wait till August! I am definitely sticking with you.

  2. "Finding Talahassee" sounds like the next logical step to me.

    I'm sure you'll find something to write about. The culture shock of coming home would be interesting. I lived abroad for a mere 6 months and it was really weird coming back.

  3. Exciting to have you coming back to the States--and congrats to Sam! My parents met at FSU...I hope it's as good to you all as it was to them. I also hope it's at least a little bit cooler than Abu Dhabi!

  4. Thanks Erin! Knowing that about your parents makes Tallahassee seem more romantic. And it's definitely cooler than Abu Dhabi, thank God!

  5. Sometimes interesting marvelous things are right under our nose, at home. I'm sure people initially visited this blog for info on AD but you are a very talented story-teller so I think should go on with a new blog from the new golf ;)